This free software is not another trivia or quiz software You enjoy unlimited games local / Internet questions database Internet connection between players thousands of questions it is a new concept Amal Teacher


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A unique Free software that you should have
To know more about Amal Teacher Pls. read carefully the following 5 short  questions. 
Questions : 
  1. Is it possible for someone that lives in USA ,to learn with some
      one that lives in UK?
  2. Are you able to get hundreds of educational software's for free?
  3. Is it possible that one educational software can contain 
     thousands of games and animation's?
  4. Is it possible that one educational software can contain millions
      of math questions?
  5. Is anybody (even none programers ) able to develop 
      educational software that is Internet compatible.

About Amal Teacher
With Amal Teacher you can learn and play with your friends over the
Internet, accessing local and remote question databases.
Even non-programmers are able to write educational software and
Internet question databases.

Product Features:

Multi language software

It does not matter what is your language (Arabic, English,
French, Japanese...) Amal Teacher supports all languages.
You are free to select the game to associate with 
your questions.
The user selects the questions file and the game that he
would like to play. Our Game Player ensures that the game and
the questions file will work together, even if the game and
the questions were developed by different vendors.

The user wants educational software that contains math
questions and a Memory Game. The math questions were written
by a French teacher, while the Memory Game was developed by a
Japanese company.
With Amal Teacher it is very easy to link the "French" 
questions and the "Japanese game".
The user only has to select the math questions file and the
Memory Game. Our Game Player will ensure that the game and the
questions will talk together.
No more boring educational software Amal Teacher make 
sure that you will get a personalized  software experience.
 Support Internet connection between users
Yes Our software support DCC (Direct Client Connection) , you
can learn and play with your friends over the Internet.
 Educators and Parents create your educational 
 software with easy.
By using our Questions Editor anybody can create questions files
that contains pictures ,movies ,voice..... with easy.
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